Business Development Director

Job Purpose

As an early stage agricultural technology provider, PowerPollen℠ relies on strategic and tactical partnerships with external collaborators and customers. The Business Development Director will be responsible for the strategy and execution of initiatives driving the development of external business and customer relationships. Through managing relationships with key customers, this work will focus on furthering the technology, intellectual property and business model objectives and key milestones furthering the growth of PowerPollen℠.

The Business Development Director will have a critical focus on building the PowerPollen℠ business with accountability to assess current and future company needs and opportunities as presented in the strategic plan. Then, determine the external relationships and opportunities that are well aligned to support the accomplishment of the strategic initiatives.

Duties and Responsibilities

Internal Facing Responsibilities

  • Identifies opportunities existing in the relative market space for partnerships and collaborations helping to commercialize and realize value from PowerPollen℠ technologies and innovations.
    • Gathers important information regarding risks and opportunities
    • Translates this information into fact-based and well-reasoned insights for leadership assessment
    • Assist with modeling and financial analysis of impending and on-going collaboration and business opportunities
  • Participates in the PowerPollen℠ strategic planning process:
    • Contributing intelligence on market, customer, industry and competitive trends which has been assessed and analyzed for a full understanding of the competitive landscape and to position PowerPollen℠ for increased effectiveness in winning new business and achieving growth objectives.
    • Identifies markets, industries, geographies, and technologies that complement the overall strategy and translate these analyses into specified targets.
  • Prepare and execute against a negotiation strategy based on PowerPollen℠ strategic plan and objectives and based on a set of key negotiating principles.
  • Helps create and foster a business development culture which embraces a strategic, proactive and customer focused approach expanding company relationships and technology or service offerings.
  • Develop and maintain detailed business plans for customer relationship and customer project management.
  • Identify present and future business development opportunities with new and existing customers and work with management team in developing solutions for client requirements.
    • In conjunction with Finance:
      • estimate revenue and profitability and valuation models for customer/collaborator relationships over a multi-year project periods.

External Facing Accountabilities

  • The Business Development Director will leverage personal referral, industry-based and other business community networks to help drive new business opportunities for PowerPollen℠.
  • Actively participates in increasing the company’s visibility in target industry sectors and markets through networking, holding leadership roles in influential organizations, and developing high value opportunities and business connections.
  • Involved and externally positioning fundraising efforts, strategic objectives, partnership development and licensing.
  • Exercise top level negotiating tactics in order to result in win-win for PowerPollen℠ and the customer.


  • Experience developing business models and business opportunities; transforming value into revenue streams.
  • Demonstrated successful track record managing and sustaining customer relationships including; acquisition of customers, set up of collaborative arrangements, retention, and negotiation excellence.
  • Strong business and financial acumen and an understanding of major industry sector trends.
  • Ability to open doors and work in partnership with the technical professionals within PowerPollen℠ and customer organizations.
  • Project management expertise and sound organizational and prioritization capability is a requirement.
  • Ability to quickly develop rapport and gain respect at all levels of an organization (internal & external and including shareholders, Board of Directors and other key stakeholders).
  • 5+ years experience with business development, strategic & business planning.
  • Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s degree or J.D. preferred
  • Excellent presentation, communication (both written and verbal), interpersonal and leadership skills required.
  • Agriculture experience is beneficial (ideally within the seed industry or related sectors) however not required.
  • Must be a self-starter and self-motivated, with a team oriented attitude.

PowerPollen℠ is an equal opportunity employer.


Technology Transfer Manager: Field Operations

Job Purpose

The Technology Transfer Manager position will develop and lead effective relationships with key accounts, enabling commercial deployment of PowerPollen℠ technology in customer fields and subsequently transferring the technology to key partners. Support progression of PowerPollen℠ R&D to scale up and large field operations.

Duties and Responsibilities

Primary job duties and responsibilities

  • Provide leadership for field inspection to identify value opportunities of PowerPollen℠ in seed field situations
    • Provide guidance and leadership to teams internal to PowerPollenn℠ and to customers that enables value capture from field opportunities
    • Collaborate to optimize all aspects of PowerPollen℠ operations to achieve optimal efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes of PowerPollen℠ technology
    • Work in close collaboration with the Business Development leader to assess and coordinate value opportunities for PowerPollen℠
  • Provide leadership of technology transfer to key accounts
    • Lead the integration of PowerPollen℠ field experience and learnings into protocols and process improvements for PowerPollen℠ and translation of this information into user documentation for technology transfers
    • Ensure optimal customer experience via effective technology transfer of all key aspects of PowerPollen℠ technologies
  • Effectively manage key customer and partner relationships
    • Manage customers’ expectations and nurture long lasting relationships that maximize PowerPollen℠ value
    • Establish,nurture and maintain relationships with key stakeholders including PowerPollen℠ team members, PowerPollen℠ customers, land owners/farmers/growers, equipment providers, labor management vendors, and providers, local AG community stakeholders
  • Facilitate process up-scaling and effectiveness through leadership of field activities.
    • Follow safety protocols and positively encourage other team members to do the same
    • Communicate with customers and internally to capitalize on opportunities
    • Interact effectively with the leadership team to understand research and operation objectives
    • Assist with development, implementation, execution, and improvement of protocols.
  • Provide support to Biology and Engineering research via Field Operations throughout the year
  • Capable and interested in working in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment that includes field, warehouse and lab conditions throughout the year
  • Presenting to company leadership on key areas of accountability, providing insight, lessons learned, enhancements, issues and resolution proposals


  • Positive and driven, with a problem-solving attitude and a highly organized, proven team player
  • B.S. in biological sciences plus 8+ years field experience in maize seed production
  • Experience with field agronomics and agronomic practices highly preferred
  • Demonstrated capability to quickly establish and nuture relationships with key stakeholders including ability to influence, negotiate, and reach mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Resourceful: able to build and maintain a network allowing for continued advancement and scaling of company capabilities
  • Flexible: willing to grow with the job to take advantage of opportunities as they emerge
  • Four+ years experience overseeing teams, crews including employees and contracted labor
  • Capable of seeing a barrier or issue as an opportunity to overcome a challenge in the delivery of excellent results
  • Self-motivation and independent drive with an ability to work with highly effective teams
  • Willing to travel as needed, possibly on short-notice, and for extended durations (e.g. 2 – 3 weeks at a site). Additional travel to off-season locations both domestic U.S. and international.

Working conditions 

This position requires work in varying conditions including field, warehouse and laboratory spaces throughout the year including in crop fields when weather conditions are extremely hot/humid and insects are present.  Safe operation of motor vehicles on and off road of various types including field equipment and towing may be expected.

Physical requirements

The position involves physical activity including lifting objects up to 50 pounds, walking on uneven terrain, ability to tolerate heat and humidity conditions typical of agricultural outdoor field conditions in summer, with extended hours that will vary with crop development in different locales.


PowerPollen℠ is an equal opportunity employer.




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