PowerPollen Offers Farmers New Venue of Boosting Crop Traits

While other emerging companies traveled from California, Kentucky or Missouri, PowerPollen just made a quick trip across town to join the two-day Partnering for Growth Biotech Innovation Showcase.

Powerpollen: An AgTech Startup Turning a Problem into a Solution

An engineer and a scientist left their corporate jobs because they believed they could develop technology to improve seed and grain production. So Jason Cope and Todd Krone started PowerPollen.

PowerPollen Boosts Yields and Cuts Costs for Growers

Jason Cope and Todd Krone worked in the agricultural seed industry for roughly twenty years when they decided to confront a growing problem. The industry had become so laden with big mergers that developing technologies were being slowed in the process.

PowerPollen Creates ‘Impossible’ Improvements to Seed Corn Yields, Raises $10M 

As any Iowan will tell you, detasseling corn on a hot summer’s day as a teenager is almost a rite of passage. A Greater Des Moines (DSM) startup says they’ve developed a process to cross-pollinate corn that not only eliminates the need for that manual labor but also can increase yields by up to 80 percent.

PowerPollen Amphasys Testimonial Video

Control over pollen quality and pollination is a key success factor to ensure high quality seed and yield. PowerPollen uses the Ampha Z32 to check pollen quality before pollination, to improve pollen preservation and for rescue pollinations when natural pollination is not sufficient to get a good seed yield.